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Dr. Thomas Garland


Please let me introduce myself.  I am  a doctoral level psychotherapist with over 30 years of providing mental  health services.  I have worked in Community Mental Health Services in  Louisvile, KY, Hospital Settings in New Orleans, LA, and with children  in the Milwaukee Public School System.

In  working with you, I will identify your mental health problem quickly in  a professional, confidential and respectful manner.  I believe in  working as a team with the patient to provide symptom relief in the  problem areas.  My approach to therapy involves helping you understand  your problem so that you will feel comfortable throughout the  therapeutic process.  My doctoral degree is in clinical psychology. My  clinic is certified by the state of Wisconsin as a Certified Mental  Health Outpatient Clinic.  This is your guarantee that we are doing  things correctly to protect our patients.

I usually see my  patients weekly for 1 hour in my office.  I meet with patients before we  begin therapy and provide a free consultation to determine if you are a  good fit for my approach to therapy.  In case of insurance problems,  other payment options may be available.  Please call my office and we  can discuss your options.

Thank you for visiting our website.  We hope to hear from you in the near future.

Viviana Nunez LPC IT


I was drawn to work in the field of counseling because I have personally seen how it can transform a life. Before I sought schooling to become a psychotherapist, I was a patient and client working with some extraordinary therapists who helped me heal, transform, and build the relationships and life I wanted. As a counselor, I am sensitive and perceptive to how clients feel during the process of therapy. I work more as an advocate or coach with my clients to analyze, manage, and renovate parts of client’s life that need change or are not working. As a psychotherapist, I present with more feminist theory and systems theory approach but sometimes include elements of cognitive behavioral therapy or psychoanalytical therapy. This means that I believe in the necessity of focusing on what attributes a client already possesses that will help them, in conjunction with building and utilizing new skill sets. Sometimes I will push my clients a bit out of their comfort zone to instill insight and move toward change. Additionally, I will work with clients to manage all the systems they are a part of, restructuring boundaries, improving communication, cultivating awareness, appropriate responsibility, and managing one’s locus of control. I regularly utilize a trauma informed background and present with multi-cultural awareness. 

During therapy, I will often include alternative therapies, including but not limited to art therapy, meditative techniques, narrative therapy, and other mindful practices or energy work. 

I have a background working with eating disorders, Bipolar, trauma-related conditions such as PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder, ADHD, Depression, addiction and Anxiety. Currently my time is split between counseling at an adult inpatient unit at a hospital and working with a wide variety of markets at PsyCare Milwaukee LLC for outpatient care. Generally, I work with adults but have some experience working with clients as young as fourteen. 

Since therapy is so brief, only being fifty minutes per week, it is vital that clients have regular attendance. This ensures clients will have consistency with practice of new techniques, steady guidance, and minimizing relapse of old unhelpful patterns. The effectiveness of therapy relies heavily on someone’s readiness, ability to be vulnerable and open, and a willingness to let go to the process but commit to the work. If you are not sure if therapy is right for you, set up an appointment and we can explore it together.